Through our extensive experience as an operator and third-party manager and in coordination with the property owner, we are able to develop a strategic vision to create and maximize value for the properties we asset manage for both the short- and long-term, while meeting the financial objectives of the property owner. This may include the reinvesting, repositioning and re-tenanting of a property to achieve predefined goals. Our various strategies may emphasize some of the following:

  • Tenant stability
  • Liquidity opportunities (ie: refinancing)
  • Lease negotiations
  • Co-tenant synergies
  • Tenant upgrades
  • Rent escalations over time
  • Current tenant repositioning
  • Efficient management strategies

Through our team of highly experienced professionals and fully integrated operating platform we are able to effectively develop and institute value-enhancement strategies to improve property performance. Historically, these strategies have included some of the following:

  • Re-tenanting
  • Remerchandising
  • De-malling
  • Tenant Relocations
  • Outparcel Development
  • Renovation

We also ensure that the property is operating according to plan and meeting its budget. We handle all aspects of the financial management of the property including instituting controls and procedures, rent collection, bill paying, maintaining the complete financial books of the property, planning reserves, interfacing with the lender, and myriad of other financial activities. Our financial systems and reporting of the financial results are of institutional quality. Our communications, K1 and related tax reports are all provided in the thorough, timely and professional manner.